Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

At PAMABE OUTDOOR, we understand that you care how information about you is collected, used, and shared. This Privacy Statement describes information we may collect about you directly or indirectly; how and why we may collect, use, and share your information; and the choices you have regarding your information. As more fully described below, we collect, use and share your information to better serve you and to improve our own business processes.

This Privacy Statement applies to all of our consumers, and it describes the ways we handle personal information in different contexts, such as when consumers use our websites, mobile applications, or facilities, buy our products, participate in our promotions and events, or provide information to us in other ways.

In order to help us better understand you so that we can give you an excellent customer experience, we collect information that identifies you or that we can associate with you as well as information that does not identify you. We may also collect various categories of information directly or indirectly. The categories of personal information that we or our service providers collect may include the following:

● Education information;
● Employment information;
● Internet activity;
● Demographic information;
● Physical characteristics or biometric information;
● Financial information;
● Location data.

When you interact with us, we may collect information about you directly. Examples of direct interaction with us include when you visit our websites, shop in our stores, communicate with our customer service representatives, attend our events, use our mobile applications, participate in our marketing efforts, participate in our customer loyalty programs, or any other way you interact directly with us. When we collect information about you directly, we may ask you to affirmatively furnish the information to us, or we may collect the information from your electronic device or by observing your activity. We and some of our service providers, contractors and advertising networks collect identifiers matched to your mobile or other devices, which can be used to deliver customized ads or content via the Internet, across different devices or browsers. In some cases, we may engage service providers to help us operate our business, and they may collect data on our behalf in the course of the services they provide to us. In other cases, where permitted by applicable law, third parties may obtain information about you independently, and we may acquire that data.

The following list describes the sources from which we or our service providers may collect various categories of personal information directly or indirectly:

● Identifiers may be collected directly from consumers; public records; consumer
Data resellers/ brokers; advertising networks; operating systems and
platforms; social networks/ social media.

● Contact information may be collected directly from consumers; public records;
Consumer data resellers/ brokers; or social networks/ social media.

● Profile information may be collected directly from consumers; consumer data re
Sellers/ brokers; advertising networks; operating systems and platforms; or social
Networks/ social media.

● Education information may be collected directly from consumers; or consumer
Data resellers/ brokers.

● Employment information may be collected directly from consumers; or consumer
Data resellers/ brokers.

● Internet activity may be collected directly from consumers; consumer data re
Sellers/ brokers; advertising networks; internet service providers; operating sys
Tems and platforms; or social networks/ social media.

● Demographic information may be collected directly from consumers; or consum
Er data resellers/ brokers.

● Physical characteristics or biometric information may be collected directly from
Consumers; or consumer data resellers/ brokers.

● Financial information may be collected directly from consumers.

● Location data may be collected directly from consumers; consumer data
resellers/ brokers; advertising networks; internet service providers; operating
systems and platforms; or social networks/ social media.

We use the personal information we collect directly and indirectly to conduct our business, to communicate with you, and to provide better products, services, and experiences, as further described below.
The specific purposes for which we or our service providers may collect and use information about you are

(1) to provide the products and services that you have ordered or requested, and to communicate about your orders;

(2) to enable and improve our customer service;

(3) to address your comments, questions or complaints;

(4) to personalize your experiences;

(5) to understand your opinions, preferences and shopping habits;

(6) to analyze trends and statistics;

(7) to administer and fulfill our contests and other promotions, including special discounts for professionals, military personnel, students and first responders;

(8) to analyze and improve our websites, mobile applications, facilities, products and services;

(9) to market our products and services to you, including by sending you market- ing communications and other information regarding our products, services, or special events, and to improve our marketing efforts;

(10) to share reviews, testimonials, or other user-generated content;

(11) to facilitate our merger or acquisition activities;

(12) to secure and protect our information and technology systems, as well as in formation about you and other consumers;

(13) to facilitate internal audits, dispute resolution or investigations;

(14) to evaluate new technology for our businesses;

(15) to conduct market research;

(16) to formulate our business strategies;

(17) to analyze information about organizations to which you may belong;

(18) to enable us to monitor and evaluate our third party service providers and
their activities;

(19) to manage our loyalty programs, other stored value programs;

(20) to keep records of transactions;

(21) to comply with our contractual obligations;

(22) to detect and address actual or potential fraud;

(23) to establish and maintain data back-ups for our business continuity and disas-ter recovery;

(24) to comply with various legal obligations or other rules to which we are sub-ject.

Our websites and mobile applications may contain links to third-party websites to which this Privacy Statement does not apply. Your use of Linked Websites will be governed by the terms of use, privacy policies, and other terms, notices, and policies set forth on or referenced in those Linked Websites.

We have established processes by which you can submit requests regarding your personal information. Collectively, these are referred to as the “Communication Methods.” To effectively exercise your privacy options or inquire about how we handle your personal information, you must use one of these Communication Methods. You may also send questions or complaints to us using the above Communication Methods, and we will take appropriate steps to address any legitimate concerns or complaints.

We do not sell consumers’ personal information for money. We do, however, share consumers’ personal information with certain third parties in ways that might be considered a “sale” of personal information under the Taiwan Consumer Privacy Act, even though we do not receive any financial compensation from the third parties in exchange.

We do not intend to collect personal information from anyone under the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18 you should not provide any personal information to us. If you are a parent or guardian of a child under the age of 18 and suspect they have provided personal information to us, you may contact us using one of the Communication Methods described in this Privacy Statement to notify us so that we may delete the information. We do not knowingly sell the personal information of consumers under 18 years of age.

We store personal information on our servers or those of our service providers (including “cloud” servers), and it is accessible by authorized employees, representatives and agents who require access for the purposes described in this Privacy Statement. We have implemented reasonable security procedures and measures that are intended to protect personal information and our information technology systems that store personal information. Unfortunately, no transmission of information over the Internet nor storage of information electronically can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. In order to help protect personal information you provide to us, you: (i) should not share your password or account information with others, (ii) should use a secure internet connection and web browser, (iii) should select a unique, complex, secure password, (iv) should change your password frequently, and (v) should not use the same password elsewhere. If you become aware of any loss, theft, or unauthorized use of a password, please contact us immediately using the contact information below. By providing your email address in connection with a purchase or your use of our websites, mobile applications, or services, you are consenting to receive electronic notice of any information security issues using your most recent email address in our records.